Located In Manchester Industrial Park

Welcome to PADDY'S BARBECUE & BREWERY home to the best small batch brewery and Southern style Barbecue

Opening Fall 2017

About Us

How they do it down south

At Paddy's we take barbecue very seriously.  Only the best equipment from Southern Pride and years of meat smoking perfection.

Hand crafted Beer

Paddy's will have it's very own onsite brewery.  Bringing you an ever changing variety of small batch brews on our custom 5HL Brewhouse. Brewmaster Dan (left) and Paddy brewing the first of three lagers, now in the tank!

Paddy's My Name

And it's your guarantee of great tastes to come!


Paddy's Pale Ale

 This is an easy drinking ale with some interesting, background malt complexity. With six different types of malt used in the brewing of this beer there are a plethora of flavors hidden behind the clean finish. Additions of El Dorado and Cascade hops compliment the malt bill leading to a hop profile that can be described as floral, citrus and even jolly rancher candy.   


  This is not your traditional Pilsner but it’s pretty darn close. Using 100% German Pilsner malt plus a soft water profile creates a clean, easy drinking beer, but we weren’t done there. Instead of using traditional noble hops that are synonymous with this style we decided to experiment. Using a hop from New Zealand lends us the typical noble hop character plus additional “fruity” tones such as lemon and lime.   

DarQ Lager

  This beer may look dark and intimidating but it’s actually light and very drinkable. Based on the traditional German Schwarzbier, this lager has subtle notes of chocolate and coffee with a very clean finish. This beer is a great introduction to roasted malts for those who normally stay away from dark beers.     


  All brewers and breweries are often judged by the quality of their IPA, so we put a lot of time into this beer and think it’s pretty swell. The malt character was intentionally restricted to minor notes of breadiness, biscuit, and caramel. This allowed for the hops to shine through. Notes of citrus, tropical fruit, berries and pine fill your senses with hop happiness.   

Vienna Lager

  This slightly malty, darker lager is made with mostly Vienna, Pilsner and Munich malt. Bready, biscuit and nutty flavours lead the charge with noble hops helping balance the beer. A long lagering schedule is used to create a clean, crisp beer with a slightly more malty flavour profile than most other lagers.   


Experience a STOUT, think cold pressed coffee with bready, nutty malt flavours and alcohol!
An ISA with fruity hop flavour and aroma.
DRY HOPPED ENGLISH BITTER, a traditional style with a twist.


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3610 Burnsland Road SE, T2G 3Z2, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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opening Fall 2017